Oxnead Hall, Norfolk wedding

Lora + Henry

Oxnead Hall, Norfolk, UK


Lora and Henry’s wedding at Oxnead Hall in Norfolk was a blend of tradition and contemporary flair, documented by us as their Norfolk wedding photographer, reflecting a celebration for the modern age that honored tradition while embracing the spirit of the times.

Their deliberate choice of an outdoor ceremony under the expansive Norfolk sky added an ethereal quality to the event, with the river view and warm sunlight creating a romantic ambiance. The reception was filled with heartfelt toasts and speeches, creating a symphony of laughter and love.

As the sun descended, the photographers captured the magical golden hour, resulting in photos that illuminated the warmth and radiance of the day, becoming keepsakes that captured the essence of a day filled with love.

Lora and Henry’s wedding at Oxnead Hall was a narrative of love, celebration, and shared moments, with every element contributing to the magic of their day. It will remain etched in the collective memory as a celebration of love that embraced tradition, welcomed the modern, and created everlasting memories.