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It feels like I’ve always had some type of camera in my hand, whether it was an old 35mm film camera or digital, they would always come with me on all my adventures as I was growing up.

After having our son Ethan, I found a whole new love and appreciation for photography. I wanted to capture every small detail of this amazing new chapter of our lives. So that was it. I decided to officially launch a photography business, using experience I had crafted from years of photography studies, to capture the most precious memories for other families. So now, here I am – a full time photographer and couldn't be more thankful for this amazing career and all the beautiful places it's taken me so far.

My passion for photography was founded at an early age, having been lucky enough to have won my first camera. One of those cheap plastic ‘wind and click’ cameras, but I loved it. It made me view the world in a completely different way. I would go through film after film, documenting everything, winding and clicking until my thumbs hurt. This passion evolved as I grew, taking a much more serious stance over the past decade along with a love for landscape photography.

Alongside photography, I have a strong passion for exploring the unknown, being outdoors and admiring natural landscapes. Getting off the grid to somewhere that I’ve never been, would be my perfect getaway.

“We are proud to be a climate positive company and for every wedding booked, we’ll plant 100 additional trees.”

Our Climate Pledge


We strongly believe to create the best content you can’t be a stranger. Both of us love nothing more than to build a great relationship with our clients. We aren’t just ‘the photographers’, we’re Kate and Adam. And behind the love of photography and travel, we're a husband and wife team with a passion for documenting real emotion. So, come and get to know us! Learn all the things we love and care about…





Pizza + Wine.

Most Definitely.

Bad Dad




Mountains +


We've travelled around most of Italy by car - our hearts live for the food, the arts, the passion, the sights. It's also the place where Adam got down on one knee, in a park shaped as a love heart, overlooking the incredible Rome. Well we did say we're romantics.

What do you call a fat psychic?

A four chin teller.

Adam has a slightly unusual obsession with finding the worst jokes. So if you know any good ones, teach him some!

More so than ever, we are all becoming fine tuned into the sound of a notification going off from a mobile app or calendar reminder. We make a conscious effort to maintain a healthy balance as a family. We often unplug, go explore and be present with one another.

Originally from a small village in North Wales, Kate grew up listening to the sound of the sea, surrounded by endless mountains. Adam's love for nature usually leads us to discovering unique beauty spots that we share with our clients... sometimes!

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