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WEDDING Photographer & Creative

From an old 35mm to my first digital, I always took a camera with me on my adventures growing up. These early experiences turned into a life-long passion that just keeps growing as the years go on.

Kate Boston - the Bostons Wedding Photographers

I found an even deeper level of appreciation for photography after having our son, Ethan, as I didn’t want to miss a second of this new chapter. I meticulously photographed everything. It was the kick I needed to realise this is what I wanted to do, to capture the most precious moments for other families too.

So now here I am, a full-time photographer who couldn’t be more thankful that this is how I get to spend my days - making a career out of being witness to the happiest of occasions and all the beautiful places they’ve taken me to. My passion is the love story behind your wedding and my mission is to capture it in all its glory.

Adam Boston - theBostons Wedding Photographers


WEDDING videography & films

My love for film started young with my dad's 'old school' camcorder and now I continue the tradition with my own 'super 8' camera, documenting life as it comes.

Adam Boston - the Bostons Wedding Photographers

Video cameras made me view the world in a completely different way. I would go through film after film, documenting everything. Over the last decade, this passion evolved and I also discovered a keen love of landscape photography.

My love of capturing the world around me helps bring wedding venues and locations to life through film. I aim to show all the details of your wedding in their best light.

The Wedding of Kate + Adam

Our own loves

To create the best content you can’t be a stranger and we love nothing more than building great relationships with our clients. We don’t want to just be ‘the photographers’, we're a husband and wife team with a passion for documenting real emotion in our photo shoots. Aside from our children and each other, here are a few more things that bring us joy so you can get to know us better…



Originally from a small village in North Wales, Kate grew up listening to the sound of the sea, surrounded by endless mountains. Adam's love for nature usually leads us to discover unique beauty spots perfect for impromptu pictures.




More so than ever, we are all becoming fine-tuned to the sound of a notification going off from a mobile app or calendar reminder. We make a conscious effort to maintain a healthy balance as a family. We love nothing more than going off and exploring and just being present with each other.


Bad Dad


Ladies and gentlemen, it’s been a very emotional day. Even the cake is in tiers.

Adam has an obsession with finding the worst jokes. So if you know any good ones, teach him some! You’ll love them when the nerves are settling in on the big day.



& Art

We've travelled around most of Italy by car - our hearts live for the food, the arts, the passion, the sights. It was even in Rome where Adam got down on one knee, in a park shaped as a love heart. Well, in our line of work you can’t say we aren’t romantics.

We are proud to be a climate positive company and for every wedding booked, we’ll plant 100 additional trees.

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When we aren't taking photos we enjoy the simple things —

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