Great Lodge Vineyard, Essex wedding

Helen + James

Great Lodge, Essex, UK


In the heart of the Essex countryside, Helen and James celebrated their special day at Great Lodge Vineyard, beautifully documented through our wedding photography. Their wedding was a modern and romantic affair, featuring a luxury barn ceremony, an outdoor reception, and golden hour photos in the walled garden overlooking the lake, all adorned with muted boho-inspired florals and decor.

Embracing the boho-inspired theme, Helen and James chose muted florals and decor that blended seamlessly with the natural surroundings, creating an atmosphere of understated beauty. Every element exuded a bohemian charm that complemented the vineyard’s rustic elegance, painting the celebration with a touch of muted sophistication.

The ceremony took place within the historic walls of Great Lodge Vineyard’s luxury barn, providing a timeless backdrop for Helen and James’s vows. The rustic charm of the barn filled the room with joy and love, setting the stage for their commitment. The celebration then transitioned seamlessly to an outdoor reception, where guests enjoyed the beauty of the vineyard beneath the summer sun.

As the day progressed into the golden hour, Helen and James ventured into the walled garden for photos, capturing intimate moments against the serene backdrop of the lake. The quietude of the walled garden became the perfect canvas for their connection, creating a magical ambiance.

Helen and James’s wedding at Great Lodge Vineyard was a harmonious fusion of natural beauty and romantic elegance. From the luxury barn ceremony to the outdoor reception and the golden hour photos in the walled garden, each moment was a celebration of their unique love story. With muted boho-inspired florals and decor as the final brushstroke, their wedding day stands as a testament to the enduring beauty found in the union of two souls amidst the vines.