The Night Before

The night before your Wedding, pamper and relax. You may not have a full nights sleep but set yourself up to get as much rest as you can. Trust us when we say you will want to be full of energy on your Wedding day. So why not run yourself a bath, maybe dig out those old favourite photos of the two of you. Give yourself the best chance to feel ready for your incredible day ahead.



Music is a great way to relax, try to create some sort of music playlist for the morning with your bridesmaids and fill it with songs that mean something to you all.


Eat Something

Honestly, do try and eat! This may be one of our most important Bridal preparation tips! You won’t want to skip breakfast,  It’s likely that the morning of your Wedding the bubbles will be flowing, as much as it may be helping with your nerves, just be sure to balance it out with some food.



To get those beautiful hair and make up shots we always suggest setting up by the largest Window in the room, natural light will always win over artificial light. Natural light falls softer on the skin, and when photographed reveals true colours, no yellow or unflattering tones.



To keep your Bridal prep images looking beautiful and timeless, why not have a designated bridesmaid to keep mess in check, trust us you don’t want that plate with leftover food from earlier starring in your pics or any bright orange carrier bags photobombing.


Detail Shots

So we can capture all the small details beautifully. We find it useful that any pieces you would like to have photographed to be set to one side, I usually ask my brides to put all their details such as accessories and perfume in their shoe box with their shoes, and then placed near their dress. That way as soon as we arrive those shots can be taken and the rest of the time can focus on documenting everything else happening in the room.


Have Fun

Your morning of your wedding is going to be full of so much emotion, for this reason we love photographing Bridal and Groom prep. Try not to overthink or worry about the day ahead, trust the wedding suppliers you have chosen for your special day after all we do this for a living. Your Wedding can go so quickly so make sure you’re taking your time and enjoying every moment of your bridal or groom prep. It's such a great part of your day.


Notes + Gifts

You really can’t beat a good old fashioned letter, some of the most emotional moments of Bridal and Groom Preparation are when gifts are given and received. Anything to evoke memories and excite you for your day ahead we love.


The Reveal

We love a reveal, whether it’s a reveal to your bridesmaids or your parents, anything that evokes real emotion we are all for it. So let’s make sure we do it right, if it's something you would like to do let us know, we can help you with where in the room would be a great spot to set up the reveal so you have the best lighting and space. We want to make sure we are in the perfect position to capture it from as many angles as we can.


Take a Moment

You have had your hair and make up done and you have put on your dress, it suddenly gets very real. Whether you have lots running through your mind or not, take a moment,  whether that is in private but to look in the mirror or out of the Window, to breathe and be calm. These moments in the bridal prep hold so much emotion, knowing that you are surrounded by your closest people, and about to marry the man you love.

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