Summer Cornfield Engagement

16 August, 2020

Both Joanna & Kristian love the countryside and have recently moved into their first country home together. It was important that we found a location that best represented them, so when they mentioned views of rolling hills and corn fields leading off their new home, we knew we were going to have an incredible time together.

They say a house is made of brick and mortar, but a home is made by the people who live there. Just looking back over these images now, you can feel every essence of that quote come to life. As the cornfields grow, year after year, we will remember all the fun we shared on this golden hour cornfield engagement session with these two amazing people.

Having had the opportunity to photograph Joanna’s family previously, both Joanna and Kristian knew how relaxed our approach is. They could instantly be themselves, as if it was just the two of them, dancing together like nobody is watching. Covid-19 may have played a part in disrupting wedding plans, but these two show testament that love conquers all. With new plans to tie the knot at this very place, you can see nothing but excitement in their eyes (and ours!).

We chose to photograph Joanna and Kristian’s engagement session at golden hour to perfectly compliment the love they share with the warmth and beauty of their surroundings. As I’m sure you can quickly tell from the moments we captured together, these two have absolutely no trouble having fun together. Dancing and cuddling their way through the cornfields until the very last glimpse of sun had disappeared over the horizon. With these memories we made together secured forever in our minds, we headed back looking forward to the big day ahead.