Stoke by Nayland Wedding

31 May, 2019

After many lovely telephone conversations I had with Lucy and Wayne leading up to, the day has finally come for me to photograph their special day.

I turned up at the church which was situated in the middle of a beautiful Suffolk Village named Bures. Wayne and his best man stood waiting outside the church.. I could see on Wayne’s nervous smile how much this day meant to him. When told that he hates to have his photograph taken especially when it’s less nervous. I reassured him that I would hide in a bush if needed, anything to make him feel more comfortable around me. He laughed and I got some fantastic images. (I soon got the nickname the “photo ninja” which still makes me smile) 

Bridal party started arriving at the church, first to the bridesmaids and then Lucy linked arms with her proud mum. All full of smiles and excitement while she waits at the entrance of the church to go in. 

The church ceremony was heartfelt with the minister knowing the couple making their vows extremely personal and authentic, tears and laughter were had by all during the ceremony. 

As soon as the minister  announced them as husband-and-wife, Lucy and Wayne held hands and took the first dance and they did it down the aisle and out of the church, so amazing to see the church full of laughter and smiles.

We made it to the venue where I photographed more family members and guests overlooking a beautiful Stoke by Nayland and lakes. We then ventured around the venue having fun laughing, Wayne joking around and saying some cheeky things to Lucy making her laugh even more,  such a great couple to be around. It was time for Wayne’s brother to stand up to make a speech and boy he nailed it, true moments of sincere reflection, happiness and appreciation most of all a celebration of Lucy  and Wayne’s love for each other.