Hatfield Forest Woodland Engagement

29 February, 2020

We decided to do Megan and Michaels engagement shoot in the wondrous woodland at Hatfield Forest, North of Essex. Both Megan and Michael love the outdoors and as they were in the mood to say YES we thought now was the time to invite them on a little adventure.

We took the trail from the entrance of the park which led to the beautiful lake, laughing and talking along the way. The sky then turned and it started to rain, heavier and heavier. Megan and Michael couldn’t care less, they literally danced in the rain, it was so amazing to witness and capture these memories.

We continued to explore the park and not care about the rain. – The rain may have dampened our clothes but not this couples love for not another. The forest had some of the most magical fallen trees, which set the perfect backdrop for some stripped back, intimate moments between them.

Looking back at this engagement shoot at Hatfield Forest with Megan and Michael, the weather really added to the entire experience and memories made on this shoot will forever last in our minds.