Mersea Island Elopement

3 June, 2020

After living most of my life in North Wales, I am continuously drawn to the beach. For me it’s a calm and a way to easily access happy memories.

During this lockdown I have taken a lot of time to focus in on the direction and values which I feel I want to portray as a photographer.
I have grown more and more in love with the concept of small intimate weddings, and even more so Elopements.

Elopements aren’t not as they once were perceived, that you would run away to the end of the country to elope in secret and come back married. With the power of online platforms couples are more informed and inspired than ever, and even more so with the current climate with many 2020 Weddings being postponed. We have the option to explore an alternative to the traditional Wedding, reassess your values as a couple together and what is important to you and your day.

With so many options for newly engaged couples out there, I wanted to highlight and help you visulise what your day could look like. That you really don’t have the fall into the “Traditional” trap of how weddings “should be.”

Eloping strips back a wedding to what really matters, the commitment you are both making to each other. It is just as much of a celebration as any big wedding just without stress, drama and obligations. It really doesn’t get much more authentic, whether you choose to invite a few friends and family that is completely your choice – it is after all YOUR DAY.

Just like this session we can craft, plan and document your dream elopement experience, an experience which is true to your relationship.

I chose to photograph Adrian and Emma at Mersea Island beach in Essex, a few hours before sundown. I consciously opted for this time of day as I wanted the soft lighting to add a romantic softness. We had the entire beach to ourselves, it was so peaceful and assured that both Emma and Adrian could be completely themselves and relaxed. And they totally rocked their session!

I set up a few different simple scenes, keeping my main focus on capturing the authentic moments and the emotions happening right in front of me, with very little intervening. This is the same approach I take when photographing any wedding. 

A thank you to the fabulous Fairytale Bride Bridal Boutique (based in Coggeshall, Essex) who kindly donated Emma’s beautiful dress for this beach Elopement inspiration styled shoot.  Also a thank you to White Olive Design Studio whose beautiful stationery designs truly complemented this shoot.

Keep an eye out on my blog as we will be posting more tips and useful information for Newlyweds and Suppliers.  

Kate x

Elopement Shoot

Emma + Adrian

Mersea Island, Colchester, Essex, UK

“Kate asked me if I’d like to model with my partner for an elopement shoot. I jumped at the chance, I’ve worked with Kate before and her images are amazing! She made the shoot feel so relaxed. We just talked, laughed and were ourselves throughout AND she got such amazing images out of it! Myself and my partner had such a nice evening, I’d definitely recommend using Kate as your elopement or wedding photographer.”